PurEnergy is a boutique Health & Wellness club focused on personalized services to inspire and guide you on your personal health journey. We teach individuals to live a healthy lifestyle connecting the mind, body & spirit.

Our Holistic approach focuses on the whole YOU and not just one aspect of health. We heal the body through physical fitness, whole foods and nutrition while healing the soul through spiritual guidance and meditation. We truly bring the mind, body and spirit together so that our clients understand the importance of balance and the true meaning of ‘whole’. Our goal is to introduce and provide you with a variety of Holistic Treatments and an out-of-the-box approach to wellness. We are your unique one-stop-shop for improving your health and wellbeing.

Have you ever joined a gym or studio that focuses solely on fitness classes, losing weight, eating less, counting calories and working out ‘boot-camp style’ until you feel sick? Have you ever felt stuck, stagnant, or hit a plateau in your regime? Have you felt bored or not challenged enough?

PurEnergy was created to provide our clients with a fun & funky, yet calming atmosphere where people could have a buffet of wellness services all benefiting their higher good. A healthier YOU does not only include physical fitness. By incorporating natural nutrition and stress-management tools we find ourselves able to cope more with the struggles and stresses of life, live and feel happier and ultimately look and feel our best! Our team is committed to providing you with not only the very best and up-to-date fitness classes, but also care, love, compassion, inspiration and motivation. We are a one-stop Health and Wellness club that will provide you with our very best every day, through our vast variety of professional services and professional care.

We are a fun, full of life and PurEnergy wellness club, that will make every experience so memorable you cannot stay away! We are here to guide you on a path of holistic health, being ever present during your journey and your #1 fan! Whether you are coming in to join one of our amazing fitness classes, do a Reiki session, have a relaxing massage, learn how to heal your body through natural nutrition or simply to grab an organic juice or smoothie from our Pur Bar we always welcome your smiling face.


Our Core Beliefs

  • HEALTH is the basis for an extraordinary life bringing you more happiness, positive energy and confidence in everything you do
  • PASSION we love what we do and it shows
  • POSITIVE HABITS implementing them one step at a time
  • CREATIVITY delivering a variety of professional services and redefining the training environment
  • TEAMWORK great things are hardly ever accomplished alone
  • LOCAL we are dedicated to improving and supporting the community with compassion and care
  • EVOLVING to understand the importance of a healthy mind/body connection
  • VALUE progress above perfection

Exercise should be regarded as a tribute to the heart ~ Gene Tunney

We Believe

In each and every person that walks through our doors. To truly feel happy, live happy and project happiness we must embrace the mind, body and spirit connection ultimately taking care of the `self’.

Taking a journey through our Health and Wellness Club you will experience:

Professional services

Undivided and personal attention

Reassurance of your personal journey

Energy(Pure and High!!!)

Nutritional teachings that will lead you to a loving relationship with food

Expertise provided in every area of Wellness and led by experienced and certified Practitioners

Reawakening your life’s desires and passions

Guaranteed fun!

Yes – you will NOT want to leave!